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Top Techniques to Last Longer During Sex

With intercourse, several areas of doubt creep in. One common topic, primarily for men, is staying long enough. You may want to increase the time of your sexual encounter or suffer premature ejaculation that causes you to orgasm ahead of your partner. Keep reading this article for tips to help you achieve longer sexual encounters. In addition, you can review the best adult dating websites to conveniently find a hot date for your casual encounters and have a great time.

Use a Condom

bedSince premature ejaculation may be due to hypersensitivity, a condom can be a simple solution to make your sex last longer. This is because it forms a barrier on your penis, dulling the sensation and can lead to delayed ejaculation. In addition, desensitizing condoms have numbering agents like lidocaine or benzocaine that reduce genitals sensitivity.

They are designed to numb your penis during sexual activity. Although the numbering agents effectively and safely counter premature ejaculation, they may have side effects.

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises

The pelvic floor muscles are just below the prone and the rectum; like other muscles, they can strengthen through exercise. If pelvic floor muscles are weak, it may be more challenging to deal with ejaculation. To flex pelvic floor muscles, you can act like you’re trying to stop passing gas or peeing and feel the muscles that move. Practice holding and relaxing these muscles as many times as needed.

Switch Things Up

Instead of pounding on one position, try alternating between various configurations. Switching positions provide time off when the penis isn’t stimulated. You can also attempt the more elaborate sex positions that need physical stamina. With the wilder, more strenuous positions, you focus on your balance and technique so that you won’t focus on physical stimulation as much. Also, your partner can help with this process. You can tell them you want to last longer and ask whether they are interested. This will make them understand what’s happening and help you openly discuss any frustrations.

Try Edging

coupleDelaying orgasm while masturbating is an effective way to train yourself to last. It is also called edging and is one common way to avoid premature ejaculation. You bring yourself to the edge and stop all activity until the excitement is controlled. This technique teaches your body and brain to better control orgasm and helps make sex last longer.

Premature ejaculation may cause challenges in your relationships and sex life. You may consider the techniques above but when everything fails, consider seeing a sex therapist or doctor help you navigate this process.…