Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Performance

Having a healthy sex life calls for one being fit physically as well. There are some exercises to improve your sexual performance that you should try to revive the good feeling you had as you began dating. These exercises are different depending on the gender.3e45ythgbfv

Exercises for men

1. Pull ups

For this, one will need somewhere above their head to hold as they lift themselves up. Pull ups will enable one to lift their weight. They also help the man shred their back, triceps, and biceps which add a sexual appeal to the man. More to that, if they can lift their weight, then they will easily bear the weight of their girlfriend.

2. Renegade rows

It involves supporting your weight with one of your arms as you lay flat as if you are doing press ups. This will help one keep themselves sturdy above their girlfriend or wife. It enables the man to increase their back’s strength while engaging the core during the motion.

3. Planks

These are done by one supporting their weight on their elbows and toes as they lie flat. These planks work on the upper arms, the abdomen, and the thighs too. These are some of the muscles that one needs to keep stable in the process of having sex.

4. Bridge moves

Bridge moves are done by lifting one’s weight with their shoulders as they lie back while lifting their knees. This kind of exercises is like the thrusts one does as they have sex. They help in improving the hip motions. They also help one to improve their butt muscles making the man have a firm butt which most ladies love.

5. Squats

3r45t6ytreMost people fantasize about having sex against the wall while holding their girlfriend or wife. This requires one to have a significant amount of strength. Squats help one to develop their back and leg muscles to enable them to stand while lifting their girlfriend. These squats will go a long way in helping you fulfill this fantasy.

Women should also do some exercises to avoid being passive during sex. Here are some of the exercises for the women.

6. Squats

Squats are a great exercise for the butt. They also make blood flow to the places which will enhance your libido. Lower squats are the best.

7. Happy base pose

This involves lying on one’s back and lifting their legs while bending them at the knees. This helps in stretching the spine but loosening the hamstrings and adductor muscles.

8. Push ups

This is necessary for the woman on top positions. It will help the woman to strengthen their chest and arms providing her with increased ability to endure.

9. Bridge moves

Just like it is necessary for the men, the women also need it. This will make one feel comfortable due to their increased mobility which needs strengthening of the muscles.

Besides doing these exercises, one needs to ensure they develop healthy eating habits and make their partners feel loved. These are also important in helping one have a healthy sex life.